Nerocuoio: excellent leather carpets


Nerocuoiois an Italian brand leader in the manufacturing of hide, leather and fur rugs.

The only one of its kind, it stands out for the highly complex and specific techniques used to make the rugs, for the care taken over detail, for the combinations and how it obtains a product covering all the various choices, adding value to any type of environment and furnishing, whether classic or modern.

Though clashing with the extremely classic image of the traditional rug, they stand out for duration as they are carefully reinforced, slip-proof and in many cases filled with a memory layer exalting the pleasure one has when walking on them.


100% made in italy
The Nerocuoio hide, leather and fur rugs are rigorously Made in Italy in a craftsmanlike manner, with care taken over detail coming first place.

Sizes and models
Each Nerocuoio rug model is made in the size requested and in just about any shape.

Each rug is made in the material/colour from a choice sent to the customer when a request is made

Many customers decide to create a coordinated set so Nerocuoio makes a coordinated set of covers and cushions available to satisfy the most demanding customers who thus manage to coordinate their environment.